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De-humidifier For Industrial And Maritime Segments 

Keeping It Dry And Free From Osmosis

NORMAR has appointed as a EXCLUSIVE distributor for Asia Pacific ( Except for Thailand ) from Desiccant Technologies Group UAB. We provides new turnkey sales, consultation, after sales services to our customers. 



Desiccant Technologies Group has a very wide and varied scope. Almost any enterprise, whether they are: manufacturing, warehouses, shopping complexes, entertainment and so on. – There are zones with special requirements to humidity. In this section, you can learn the basic tasks, where the problem of uncontrolled humidity solved using industrial dehumidifiers Desiccant Technologies Group.


Desiccant Technologies Group UAB – is a European high quality and technology desiccant dehumidifier manufacturer and exporter. Dehumidifiers are intended to meet industrial and commercial needs for dry air. The heart of the unit is the high moisture absorbing capacity rotor.

Our desiccant dehumidifiers are well proven and used in the following areas:

Our Desiccant dehumidifier will help you to solve the problems that arise due to increased moisture in the air which are corrosion, product damage, product adhesion, mold and fungi growth on the surfaces.

We guarantee that our quality and price ratio is the best in the market.


De-humidifier specially made for Lifeboat

Dehumidifier that tailor made on the lifeboat (closed type) on manufacturer request. The distinguishing feature of this dehumidifier is the supply voltage which is 42VAC. However, it is possible to achieve constant and high dehumidification rate. 

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